Client Testimonials

Lorraine has helped me re-focus when I was allowing one aspect of my life to detract from all the rest. She showed me relaxation techniques that calmed my mind, helped me relax, start meditation for the first time and benefit from seeing how my thoughts were taking me down an unhelpful route.  


Lorraine has such a calming, professional manner. Her knowledge and compassion informs her approach. I felt at ease with Lorraine from the moment I met her. I was able to talk to her about various incidents in my life that I felt were still having an impact on me.


Lorraine showed me several approaches to Mindfulness and helped me find the ones that suited me. I also experienced the "havening" technique through Lorraine and found this calming and beneficial. 

I feel my time with Lorraine has benefited me so much. She has helped me become more aware of my thoughts, has given me coping mechanisms, created an awareness for me of the benefits of meditation and helped me rediscover my values and motivation. I feel so glad I made the initial contact with Lorraine and was able to benefit from her approach and experience in this field. 

I am really glad I took that step to pick up the phone to call.  Picking up the phone was the hardest part.


I was given Lorraines contact details by a relative, and was pretty apprehensive in giving therapy a try to begin with. After struggling with my mental health for a number of years, and finding it hard to talk and face certain aspects of my life, I agreed to try something different for the sake of everyone else’s concerns. I was extremely skeptical about therapy and as it was something I had never experienced before, and didn’t feel it would help me. I was completely wrong!!

From the initial phone call Lorraine made me feel at ease and I eventually found it easier to open up, Lorraine listens and understands and the exercises and methods we worked through together have made such a massive difference to me as a person and the way I see things already, and I finally feel able to move forward and have a more positive future. It is a process you must work with Lorraine on, and of course it will not “cure” you altogether but the whole process has given me ways of coping that I would never have tried before or even known about if it wasn’t for Lorraine’s expertise and knowledge in what she does. I honestly can’t thank Lorraine enough, I know this is the start of a more positive future and getting therapy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you so much Lorraine, you have been amazing.


"After going through one of the worst experiences of my life I kept just trying to carry on telling everyone I’m ok I’m ok! I convinced myself that I was ok when clearly I wasn’t! I hid my feelings put them right into the back of my head and put a great big guard up to the world thinking that it was ok to do that! It was never going to last like that so when it all came to a head and I literally broke down I knew I needed some help with letting go and moving forward! That’s when I turned to Lorraine and the havening technique, of course I was nervous going to someone who had no idea what had happened I felt uneasy and uncomfortable but Lorraine immediately took that all away with her kindness and warmth! She made me feel at ease from the start which I was so thankful for! Lorraine made it so easy for me to talk about what was happening as I was at first concerned with showing my feelings to a stranger but actually that helped a lot the fact that she wasn’t someone who knew me well! Lorraine made me see that me hiding my feelings was actually the worst thing I could do and she helped me to let go of my feelings and know that actually it’s ok to be scared and it’s ok to be sad after what happened! She also made me realise that keeping myself away shutting myself down wasn’t going to change my anxiety and my fears in fact it made them worse! Using the havening technique Lorraine has changed my life more than she will ever know I’m much more relaxed and not so anxious anymore I cannot thank Lorraine enough for what she has done and I would definitely recommend her and the havening technique for anyone who is in need of it.

Thank you so much for everything Lorraine xx"

Emma Winwood

“Learning Mindfulness and relaxation techniques really helps me deal with my stressful job.  Re-assessing my values has also helped by giving me direction which has helped add a feeling of value and meaning to my life.”

“I was experiencing panic attacks during exam situations and found the whole exam period very stressful which was unusual for me.  Lorraine helped me understand my thoughts and develop relaxation techniques and strategies that I could use when I started to feel stressed.  She also has enabled me to understand why I put myself under so much pressure and I now feel strong enough mentally to address this.”

 “After experiencing a number of challenging situations in my life I felt that my feelings were getting out of control which has led me to feeling increasingly anxious. Constantly worrying about “What ifs” and “maybes”, became an obsession and made me become so wrapped up in negative thoughts it was stopping me enjoying my life.

Lorraine was recommended to me, so I took the plunge and called her for an informal chat. Lorraine was non-judgemental and explained a couple of ways she may be able to help.


I now consider myself to be at a better point in my life, Lorraine has taught me some coping strategies  which help me rationalise my thought process, recognise those thoughts for the “negative thoughts” that they are and learn to deal with them.


I think in life we all come across situations we can’t change, Lorraine has taught me how to accept these, instead of beating myself up, and blaming myself.”

Gaina Sears

Mindfulness Course  Testimonials


"Excellent course.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and will take a lot away."

Ceris Thomas

"Really enjoyed learning mindfulness and using it at home.  Would recommend it."
Alix Rainbow
"I have really enjoyed this course, it has given me ways to relax and unwind, and having dealt with tough times during the course the methods learnt have really helped me deal with the situations much better!"
Steph Lewis
 "Brilliant course, very useful for relaxation, easing stress and anxiety."
Laura Pickering

I suffered with anxiety for many years; prescribed medication only treated the top layer, I've tried many ways to conquer this condition, psychiatrist, psychologists, acupuncture, I didn't feel any these treatments beneficial.

As an alternative, I looked into Hypnotherapy, on completion of my research; I decided to pursue this as a course of treatment.

I met Lorraine, during our 1st consultation, Lorraine allowed me to explain what difficulties I was experiencing without interrupting, on conclusion of our 1st meeting, Lorraine had explained a programme we'd explore with future sessions, allowing me to manage my condition, subsequent sessions really made a huge difference how I was able to bring my condition under control.

I'm a lot further forward now, based on Lorraine's techniques and experience as a Hypnotherapist.

Without Lorraine's professional assistance, I'd have been stuck in the black hole I've been in for many years.

I'm indebted to Lorraine for the advice and support given to me.


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